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Shopify Rocks

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Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution trusted by businesses worldwide and is loved by store owners, shoppers and developers alike.

Colour magic with Sass intro image

Colour magic with Sass

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Creating a complementary colour palette with Sass, and a quick glance at colour theory, is easy.

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Load Disqus on demand

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If you care about your visitors only load Disqus comments on demand, as even an empty comment form weighs in around 226Kb.

Free Adobe webfonts

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Adobe’s new free webfont service is a powerful challenger to Google’s webfont service.

Install Jekyll in OSX Mavericks

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Installing the static site generator Jekyll has never been easier, this short tutorial will have you up an running in no time at all.

Disabling Gantry’s LESS compiler

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I discovered serious short-comings with the automatic LESS compilation built into Rocket Theme’s Gantry 4 framework so I set about disabling it.

The problem with frameworks

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A huge problem with frameworks like Bootstrap is that they deprive developers of a learning experience. How can we grow without the understanding that derives from that experience?

Go, grab a Jekyll today!

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I wanted to share the fun I’ve been with Jekyll, so I put together a build that you can easily make your own. It’s fast, light and Github will host it for free.

A brave new world

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I finally made the big switch to OSX. I’m still finding my feet, but already discovering there’s things I love, and things that I don’t…

A personal challenge

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I set myself a challenge to build the best blog site I could, with the minimum possible amount of code. This is my first attempt, and I am quite happy with the results so far.

Lean & mean

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I think we’ve become lazy when we build websites and the rise of chuck-it-all-in frameworks has only made things worse.

Falling in love with Jekyll

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I’ve now been building websites with Jekyll for a total of two days, and I am already in love. Completely! I’m now at point of wondering if I’ll ever build a site with anything else. It’s that good.