A personal challenge


Following my recent post bemoaning the bloat seen on so many sites today, I thought it would be a good idea to throw down the gauntlet on my own doorstep first.

I’d never like it to be said that I wasn’t eating my eating dogfood, so I set myself a simple challenge;

‘Build the best blog you can, with the least amount of code possible!’

I wanted to see exactly how far I could push my obsession with page-weight, how low I could go. I still wanted something that looked good and fulfilled its purpose of course, but I wanted to push myself.

And so, the cull

There are several assets I was habitually calling that leapt straight to the top of my hit-list, key among these were a couple which I think we’ve become conditioned to believe we cannot build without.

I’d already noticed on some recent projects that by far the largest single assets I was loading were jQuery and Modernizr. On one in particular, the latest gzipped version of jQuery was 5x the size of any other asset; that’s nuts. In my quest for speed I had to question my need for these tools and in doing so found that the things I was asking of these libraries were optional, nice-but-not-essential type things.

The essentials

What’s really needed to build a decent website? Not much I think. With scrutiny I found I could fullfill my requirements with just*:

  1. Some thoughtful html.
  2. A single stylesheet.

*Proper browsers only of course. IE8 and below require a little shim on account of my love for html5 elements.

Just one small comment

D’oh! Of course, blogs should have comments.

Unfortunately this requires more than a little html and css. For a number of reasons (another posts worth) I decided to go with Disqus for commenting, despite the horrific page load it brings. In this instance I found it indispensable, I only wish it were lighter.

The result

Although I’m certain I can find somewhere to squeeze a little extra out, I’m pretty happy with the results of my first serious attempt;

  • A page without commenting or images, e.g. the archive page comes in under 10Kb.
  • The homepage weighs in under 60Kb.
  • A typical page without commenting with a banner image comes in at 60-70Kb.
  • A page with commenting but without images is around 230Kb-240Kb (Disqus comments are heavy).
  • A page with commenting and a banner image is around 300Kb.

Overall, I’m quite happy with that. As I don’t have commenting (or comment counts) enabled on the homepage, the initial hit on any vistor is kept to a minimum. All I need now is a fat-free, platform-agnostic, external commenting solution and I’m home free! I like a challenge…

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