Free Adobe webfonts


Adobe has launched a new service to deliver free, professional webfonts, Adobe Edge Webfonts, a powerful & welcome alternative to the existing big player in this space, Google Fonts.

Apparently the new site launched back in May, so I’m surprised to have not heard of it before. It’s certainly going to be on top of my goto list now, as the quality of the catalogue is far higher than Google’s. It makes a great choice for serious Web Designers and Typographers.

Adobe’s new Edge Fonts site is beautifully designed and easy to use.

Though the vast majority of the fonts are also available from Google Fonts by offering only high-quality, professional, fonts Adobe has done the job of ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff’. Let’s be honest, there’s some real horrors on Google Fonts and the size of the catalogue and clunky interface make the job of browsing difficult to say the least.

Adobe HIRES Edge’s interface for browsing and selecting fonts is far easier to use, being borrowed from Adobe’s Commercial font shop TypeKit, so brings a greatly improved user experience. And, with fonts delivered via TypeKit’s fast and reliable CDN I really can’t find anything to fault, bravo Adobe.

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